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COG BIO 1998/2024

There's no such thing as fairytales - especially in the music industry.

With an ever expanding market of young bands and artists clamouring for top billing the industry is perhaps now, more so than ever, a harsh and unforgiving environment in which to reside.

After a five year hiatus that threatened to extend a lifetime, the Bondi now living in Byron Bay three piece alternative progressive / trip / rock / Metal band are back. As if they had never entertained thoughts of leaving in the first place.

Public and fan expectation began to swell in January 2016 when Cog's facebook page that had remained stagnant for 5 years began to feature new photos and images. This subsequently lead to speculation regarding the band getting back together, before it was confirmed a month later that Cog would reunite for a run of headlining shows in July 2016.

While long suffering fans celebrated the sold out comeback tour by buying out tickets for each show, the question still lingered as to the bands intent at the time.

It wasn't until the announcement of 'The Middle' in 2018 - the first new material released by Cog in ten years - that fans began to let hope morph into confidence. 'Altered States' and 'Drawn Together' followed, each song providing further proof that although Cog had lost none of their firepower in the live arena, their songwriting prowess remained unscarred by the lengthy sabbatical.

Having teased their potential on the back of their independently released E.p's “Just Visiting” PT1 & PT2 in 2002 / 2003 “Open Up E.p”. Cog further cemented their reputation with the spectacular debut album 'The New Normal' released 12th April 2005. This Album was record in Weed Cal U.S with legendary Producer Sylvia Massey (Tool / System Of A Down / Johnny Cash). The Album went on to become GOLD & one of Australia's critically acclaimed best Progressive Rock albums also backed up by Triple J. Nominated for the prestigious 2005 J Award album of the year. Debuting at #19 on the ARIA Charts the wheels had begun turning in the Cog machine and through relentless touring playing Australia's major music festivals BIG DAY OUT / Homebake / Pyramid Rock / Falls Festival as well as consistently high quality national  sold out tours they quickly positioned themselves as leaders of a musical revolution that continues unabated to this day.

Follow up album 'Sharing Space' once again recorded in Weed Cal U.S released 12th April 2008 further reinforced Cogs credentials, peaking at number two on the Australian Recording Industry Association album chart. Sharing Space would also reach GOLD selling status & for a 2nd time they received a nomination for the Triple J Album of the year award and once again were rewarded with main stage spots at the Big Bay Out national festival tour.

Their impactful and expansive live performances quickly became the bands focal point, with each moment spent on stage a visceral musical journey that aimed to mesmerise, empower as much as tantalise each of those daring enough to allow themselves to be swept away in the moment.

2010 “The Sound Of Three / 12 Years With You” DVD was release to welcoming long time fans. The package included a sold out live show recorded in their home town of Sydney at the famous Coogee Bay Hotel.

This show at the hight of their career was to cement the bands awesome live performance in stone. With a documentary from when the band first began to the present day. The history showed the inner workings of the band, dynamics and rise to becoming one of Australia's well respected hard working bands. The DVD was to go on to reached number 1# on the ARIA DVD Awards.

A little history lays the integrity for a band like Cog. These moments in time contribute to the artistic value of the music world to date.


 Fast forward 2022 vision & Beyond........

Rather than rest on their laurels, Cog are immersing themselves in their craft with renewed vigour, already having a plethora of new ideas and structures from which to draw new material. One could say the campus is now set the intention and free will is manifesting into what could become their 4th Album release?

Time will tell.

As they continue to be active on the touring circuit, seemingly determined to make up for lost time and repay their loyal fanbase for their unwavering support. The future is now, and that future is Cog.


In Cog We Trust


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