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Recorded at Loosh's Studio101 in Byron Bay NSW. "Drawn Together" is the latest release & was put together over a 3 month period. 

Again this track shows Cog exploring newish ground with all the elements of Cogs well known musical dynamic ability & progressive style. 

If you value our music, this track & you would like to support us. Your financial contribution all helps towards this project. 

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Thank you! 


In Cog We Trust.




   Hear The New Single      "Drawn Together"

 June 2020


 New Cog Merchandise Back In Stock!

 "Fear Is The Virus" Hoodie & Ts + Beanies & Hats!

 Howdy all....

 July 15th

 Cheers for all your support on ordering the "Fear Is The Virus" Hoodies & Ts.

 We have more in stock now!!

 Remember to sign up to the News Letter above so we can contact you when the    stock is back in. To everyone else who ordered on this run. Thanks for your

 patience with mail wait time.  

 June 13th

 We trust your doing ok in these crazy times. We have decided to print up some  winter merchandise with the appropriate sign of the times, lyrics from one of  

 our songs off Sharing Space "No Other Way". 

 With all the confusion, anxiety and fear around the pandemic etc, 

 fear really has become the virus.

 It's unfortunate and sad to see all the hostility all over the world at this time.  

 With a little common sense hopefully soon things will balance out in some kind of    way for all. Time will tell as they say.


 As you're all very much aware we cannot play live at all around this time which is  super frustrating. We have no idea when we will be able to? But as soon as we can  see venues are opening back up we'll be booking more shows.

 It will be great to see you all again post COVID19!


 Stay tuned and Thanks for your ongoing support.


 In Cog We trust.


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 Dec 2019.

 Good news people Cog is now on all Digital Streaming service.

 This Includes the Just Visiting full-length Album with extra full length tracks  like Bondi, Paris Texas  & Moshiach. 


 Open Up Maxi Single & the first Cog live album off the "12 years with you"  DVD remastered.Enjoy!

 In Cog We Trust

BandCamp. Link here.

THE OTHER FESTIVAL_1920x1080_on sale now



We are please to announce that we will be playing the Scene & Heard festival on 7th February 2021 in NewCastle. If you're in the neighbourhood this will be a great opportunity to once again come together. We hope to see you there!

Tickets HERE!




We are excited to announce that on Saturday the 13th of February 2021, the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane QLD will see 16 bands from all over Australia converge to present to you, "The Other Festival".


With dance floors back on the cards, the green light has been given for decent size headline shows to return, and today, 12 months of ideas and brainstorming have manifested into an event! 


Huge sounds and epic visuals in a venue made for music. In short, some bloody good bands and some fucking good people coming together to celebrate live music, liberty and life. 

Nobody presents: "The Other Festival"." For More Info.


Tickets are $70+BF You can purchase your tickets HERE!

Don't sleep on tickets as it will sell out with limited Covid capacity.

Line Up - Wolf & Cub | Redhook | Osaka Punch | Voyager | Hammers | Jay Brown | Total Pace | The Atomic Beau Project | Crisis To Collapse | Patient Lounge | Smoking Martha | These Four Walls | Being Jane Lane | Minds?End | Free The Genie.

Lucius, Luke, Flynn

Spot thumb.png
COG_gold coast_FB COVER_sold out-01.jpg



Hello People, Here is a new show to pop into the 2021 Calendar!

We were all set up for a little Australian Tour around our performance at The Other Festival in Brisbane before current CV19 restrictions laid those plans to bed for the foreseeable future.

However, we are very pleased to Announce we have been fortunate enough to secure the bands most intimate show on Australian soil since the Blueprint Sessions in early 2000's. Even with current venue restrictions still place, the opportunity to play live has been too enticing and we will be blowing out the Cogwebs at Mo's Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast on Friday 12th February ahead of our headline performance at The Other Festival Brisbane' the Fortitude Music Hall the following day.   


Tickets can be secured Here


Lucius, Luke, Flynn

This Show is now SOLD OUT!!



Hello people!

Off the back of 'The Other Festival' now the musical dust has settled.               We want to thank you all for making it possible given these strange times.   What an amazing day it truly was for all involved.                                            

We have some merchandise leftovers from the shows that you might enjoy. Please Click here