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All invited. Humans undivided.

As a band, Cog have always been about bringing people together, giving them hope, lifting their spirits up and making sure that everyone feels included and welcome. Our plan is to continue our journey along that same path. We speak as a collective group on the one hand but we are also three individuals with unique perspectives.

Whilst the chaos and madness of the last 2 years continues to mutate we have been patiently awaiting a change that would enable us to play in Brisbane. Sadly, and with intense frustration, the ongoing situation in Queensland still prevents us from performing at the rescheduled Tivoli show. We also risk the possibility of an arbitrary 14 day quarantine at our own expense which we simply can’t afford.


We feel the most appropriate response is to cancel the show rather than postponing it again. The disappointment and anxiety are taking their toll on us. We’re extremely sorry to disappoint our friends and fans who purchased tickets for this and have already had to deal with the postponement of the event’s original date. Refunds will be made available for all ticket holders and again we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has or will cause.


We also send our apologies to the numerous bands and crew involved and to the team at the Tivoli. We’re sorry we can’t make it happen. We have a long history with the Tivoli and will do whatever we can to organise something in the future to make it up to you all.

We believe people’s medical choices are their own responsibility and their own private business. Whatever they decide themselves should play no part in their ability to participate in cultural and entertainment events they wish to attend. People shouldn’t need a passport to watch a band play. Or to travel within their own country.

Should any situation arise where we may be asked or expected to perform to an audience that was non-inclusive, we would not be willing to participate. We will not perform anywhere that denies or prevents the attendance of a group of people within the music loving community. We interpret and recognise the active participation in “vaccinated only” events as tacit support for the division, the segregation and the ongoing erosion of our relationships, our liberties, and our way of life. For us to take part would run contrary to the core meaning in our music and we simply cannot pretend that it wouldn’t. Why would we perform at a show that we couldn’t attend ourselves?


We hope you all understand where we’re coming from and can respect our choices and decisions.

Sincerely Lucius, Flynn and Luke.

In Cog We Trust

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We now have merchandise back up on our online store

Link here 

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In conjunction with Rare Records and for the very first time both THE NEW NORMAL & SHARING SPACE will be now released on Vinyl.

We've been working towards this Vinyl release for what seems to be the longest time and finally we can share the good news with you all.

To give the listener the ultimate listening experience when playing these re-issues on vinyl and due to the length of both these albums. We didn't want to compromise on sound quality one bit so we decided to go with triple vinyl releases instead of double.


For those that do not know the less music per side, the fatter & better the sound!

Order link HERE:

NOTE - Please DO NOT add anything else from the site to your shopping cart other than the COG pre-order vinyl or your order will be cancelled. If you would like to order something else it will have to be a separate order.


Lucius, Lukey, Flynn

In Cog We Trust


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