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More Cog Music. What about Live Gigs?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It's taken awhile & we seem to work in bursts to get things done. Here's the new Blog page & we hope you like it and you get more of an idea of where we're at with the song writing. We want to activate our news letter too more and reach you via email, not always facebook or Instagram etc

So remember to sign up to it.

On playing live, we would like to play live a lot more but feel spending more time writing music is a priority at this time. We thank you for your ongoing patience, love and support.

It real dose help motivate us in the right direction to produce more music for you and ourselves.

Life has been busy for all in the Cog camp, always is. Finding the time to write & produce music is forever a fine balance between real life duties and the artistic life we love to create. We are self funded now and take full responsibility for the making of the music independently & on a financial front. This is another factor with things taking so long we have to gather the time and energy to move forward and make it work. We are moving forward when it comes to putting together an album so thats the good news!

We have a great set up here in Byron at Loosh's home studio and slowly but surely the sounds will come together, hit your ears & trigger your heart & minds to hopefully be that sound track for you all to enjoy. For us this also gives Cog a good opportunity to put on some more live shows & have new songs to play for your all!

In the meantime see below some pic's and video snippets of us in the studio recording a new song called "Walk the Line".......

All in all we have a bench mark, we have a goal, the intention & compass is now set you might say. The cogs are cranking up, geared for this year to put something new and exciting in the recording bag. So stay tuned & we'll let you know all things Cog.

Again...........thanks for your on going support.


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Luke tracking using his old fender Jazz bass for the new song " Walk The Line".

Lucius on the Tools.

"Walk the line" bass video.

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