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Recording the Single "Drawn Together"

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Recorded at Loosh's Studio101 in Byron Bay NSW. "Drawn Together" is the latest Single release & was put together over a 3 month period. Once again Cog had the wonderful ears and mind of Forrester Savell who help record and produce the track. "We were very happy with the outcome and the time spent on the song. Recording it was fun with very little stress. We consider writing and recording to be serious fun as always for Cog. More than often the sessions end's up in a big laughing spasm." We can't help it as Lucius put's it. This helps relax the artistic creative positive tension in the air as Cog reachers for the best musical elements possible for the end result".

This Song yet again shows Cog exploring newish ground mixing it up with all the elements of Cogs well known musical dynamic & sensibility. Lucius "We push ourselves to new and uncharted musical territory. It's not easy at the best of times but that push helps open things up all things considered, not play it too safe and see what's around the corner. There is no point stepping on our own musical toes & repeating ourselves or anyones else for that matter, even though we have what we consider to be our own musical progressive style and sound if you will. So much great music has been written and yet to be written. So we continue to test the possibility's as musicians to see if we'll fall on our faces or come up with the musical goods".

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